Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Welcome, I'm so excited this is my very first blog post!! I'm hoping to share with you all my journey as I'm learning to scrapbook and I just love cupcakes too, so maybe I can share some of my favorite recipes along the way too!!! I mean who doesn't love a mini cake to munch on, right!! To start out I will introduce myself, I'm Hannah! I'm a stay at home mom and army wife. I started scrapping a little more than 6 months ago!  I fell in love with this process of putting paper and embellishments on a page. As time as went on I feel in love with journaling process too. I have healed and learned more about myself in this process. But it has been a journey. I'm hoping to share this journey along the way. I'm hoping to maybe help and grow with other scrapbookers too!! Getting started in a community where everyone has been scrapbooking forever has been intimidating, but I had to learn to use their knowledge to propel me to grow!! Once  I got past that, my creativity has been soaring. Some pages come out better, sometimes I go crazy and add to much embellishments, paper, but I'm learning and I had to learn to be ok with that!! I hope I can inspire some others to put aside there fears and go for it. Scrap something hard, do a technique you have never done before, go embellishment crazy!! Be yourself!! I'm so excited to share my journey and I hope you are excited to come on this journey with me too!!!  


  1. Hi Hannah! I'm so excited to see as you develop your blog and share your pages. I love what you've shared on Nicolejones911. I'm following you now :)

  2. Thanks Melissa!! At first I wasn't sure I wanted to blog just because I am so new to the scrapbooking community but then after a while I realized that it could be a good view, learning and sharing and teaching other new scrappers not to be afraid to just jump in!!