Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Watercolored background

Where do you get inspired the most? Do you find yours on your news feed in the morning while sipping coffee? Or by browsing through other crafters pin boards late at night while your hubby is snoring in bed next to you? Do you find it while watching Youtube in your saturday comfy Pajamas and warm slippers? We all as crafters, scrapbookers need to stay inspired. I don't know about you but when I feel uninspired I can sit at my desk and do nothing for hours, wasting time sorting photos, watching netflix and all that stuff that easily deverts my easily wandering mind. I am always in search for something new to inspire me in a new way. Whether its a new bloom on my plumeria bush, the agua and turquiose colors pounding on almost white sand at the North Shore, or the look of my daughters face when she smiles with that new open toothed grin to show off her newly lost tooth. 
I have found challenges to be a fun way to change the way I think about scrapbooking and find elements that spark inspiration. Last weekend on Victoria Marie's FaceBook group she posting a moodboard challenge. I admit, I am afraid of moodboards. thrying to show the feeling of two or three seperate photos and then have to match them with specific colors, is a lot of work. But I thought to myself, If I want to grow I need to try something new right. Just take a chance. Thats how we grow as Scrapbookers trying new things until either we know it is not our style or we excel at it. 
I looked at these beautiful colors of pastel green, blue, cream, aqua and a dark brown that almost looked red. Thenn the photos of a high grassy field and an antique dresser with peeled paint, and inspiration started coming. Lately I have been trying to contruct one sheet of paper to use on my page that is all me. I use whatever product or photo, and try to let that influence what design or colors I will use. I knew that on this page I wanted to do this same thing. I wanted to create a floral background. I knew this could turn out horrible or amazing. I spent a day or two just doodling whispy flowers, in my free time. When I decided what I wanted them to look like I sat down at my desk with a pencil and white cardstock. I knew I really wanted that charcol pencil look to peak through any watercolors I would use later. Plus if I needed to I could erase pencil if I messed up. And I just doodled flowers and buds all over that cardstock.  

Then I used the mood board colors as a reference and tried to mix my watercolors to match. I wanted to stick with just three colors, light pastel green, blue, and pink. Here is a picture of the background all painted. 

Noow that my background was complete I could go through my stash and pick out papers that match the color scheme and feel that I am going for. I was really looking for an antique and whispy feel.
Using a paice of vellum helped tone down the background floral but still use a bigger piece. I matted it with green and a dark woodgrain from Maggie Holmes Open Book. 
I layered a few sheets of paper under my photo for interest but kept the layers similar in size to not overpower the photo or background.
I also kept the embellishment clusters simple to complement the background floral paper and the layers behind the photo. 

Also by using Kraft and gray i added interest but keeping it natural. I love the way the Dear Lizzy gold and white title word stickers bring an elegance to my page. I kept the title simple by just using the date. I also have many other photos from this day that will be together in my album so I didn't think it was to important to have an unique title. the sequins added a touch of color around the page!
Here is the whole layout completed,  love how it turned out!!
Here is the link to the process Video on my YouTube channel, 

I hope seeing this helps inspire you to find new ways to be inspired, to be challenged!!