Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back To School

It's that time of the year, Back to school!!!  In my household it means the days get full of worksheets, crayons, books, and pencils! This will be the second we homeschool. Last year was a blast, and I am lookng forward to this year as well. Both my girls will be in school and they are so eager to learn. They soak things up like a sponge. But back to school also means more planning for me, away from scrapbooking and away from other things I enjoy. Like baking, reading and getting inspiration. I am hoping that I can udget my time wisely this year. I have so much that I want to share. 
I have been busy the last couple of weeks with not only getting ready for the girls to do school, but my little brother was married!! I was lucky enough to be apart of the festivities! hopefully it means lots of pics to document since I was able to family I haven't seen in years. The military life has many perks but the pitfalls sometimes means family can't be so close. I was thrilled to see family and have a mini vacation too. I will definetely be sharing bits and pieces from these special moments with you.
The other thing I have been working on is starting to put together process videos of my layouts. This has been such a learning experience. It is a fun cance to share with you how I go about creating!! I get so uch inspiration from other scrapbookers in the scrapbooking community to give back I would love the chance to inspire others!! 
I also have a blog about cupcakes coming up soon too!!!

Girls Night Out!!

So Little Time

I hope all you scrappers have an inspired week!! I put the links to these three process videos I did up this week. Hope you enjoy them!! 
Aloha until next time!