Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Falling in Love with Watercolors

In July I started experimenting with watercolors. Pulled out my low stock of white cardstock and looked in my cupboard for something I could use to paint with. I borrowed my kids paintbrush and started mixing water to the gel food coloring I had to see if they would in fact work as a watercolor. To my surprise it worked, and really well. I loved the vibrant colors I could capture on the starking white cardstock. Since that day I started watch youtube videos on watercoloring and mixed media. And I starrted playing some more. Using the kids sketchbook paper, backs of one sided cardstock that was outdated and scraps of colored cardstock.  I really just wanted to see what worked and what didn't. It was totally fun. I bought mists to try that along with the watercolor, and started playing with those. This concept of mixed media reminds me what it's like to be a kid. To create something without having a goal, without somone forcing you and doing something fun just because you want something to look pretty. Since that first day I started using watercolors I have added many more layouts to that list. Im am definitely am not ready to stop either. In fact my curiousity is causng me to want to try other mixed media items. Gesso, Gelatos, Modeling Paste, Stamps, Stencils, more Watercolors. the list could probably go on further. I wanted to share with you a few layouts I did recently that had watercolors on them. I also plan to continue growing and learning and adding more mixed media to my albums, I hope you do too!!!
  In this layout, I used a sketch from Creative Scappers, which I worked on a couple of days ago, I used watercolors on a wet tag to let the colors bleed into each other. Then I used a silver ink pen to write he date and doodle hearts. I love the tie dye look it has. Also one of my layers under the photo I used a piece of sketch paper that I watercolored and then added salt on the wet watercolor. When it dries you can see the shape of the salt crystals and the texture of the paper is altered. All you do is wipe the salt off the paper when it is dried (it takes a few hours to dry all the way, I left mine over night) ad you can use the paper. I used scissors to cut the paper so my trimmer didnt get an residue on it and make it rust.  
I am working on a process video for this layout and it should be up this week. 

 I this layout, called Summer Visitor, I used watercolors, a Simple Stories page pocket cutout as a stencil and mists. I blended my watercolors to get new colors. I love how the stenciled look turned out. It puts this summer layout over the top.  I then tried to match my layers and embellishments to the watercolors for a fun look. I have a youtube video sharing this layout on my YouTube channel, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ivynNpKflis

 This is the first Layout I did with watercolors, using strips of colors lending well for beach layout. I matched colors in each section of the strips of color with the embellishments. It was really fun to make and pretty simple. I layered with papers from my July Scraptastic Kit. I love how the blus strip of watercolor brings out the blues and greens from the ocean water in my photo.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few layouts I made with using watercolor, and I hhope to show you many more as I continue to make new layouts!! Feel free to head over to my new youtube channel and check my layouts out.  Subscribe if you like me, and want to see me more.  I am also on instagram too, Especially if you want to see bits and pices of projects I am working on or pictures of Hawaii. Have an Inspired my scrappy friends!!!
Until next time Aloha!!